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All 3 Teams Win Big Over Santa Rosa in crucial League Games

All 3 Cardinal Newman Boys Basketball teams faced tough Santa Rosa teams Tuesday in crucial league games. Newman Freshman Basketball were 2-1 in league and were looking for revenge on Santa Rosa who had beat them in the Rancho Cotate Tournament in December. Newman opened the game well, going on a 9-2 run in the early 1st Quarter, but Santa Rosa came back and lead at the end of the first 11-10. After a lecture from Coach Alan Lutje, the Cardinals took control and relied on great defense and started to pull away, leading by 6 late in the 2nd, but the Panthers rallied and cut the Newman lead to 2 going into halftime. Something clicked in the Newman locker room at half bacause Newman came out and dominated the 3rd relying on outside shooting from their electric guards Semere Berhe and Jack Wedge and rebounding from their dominant fowards Maikali Fahey and Anthony Azevedo. Berhe had 11 points, Wedge had 7 and Maikali Fahey had 4. Cardinal Newman scored 23 points in the 3rd, and held the Panthers to 10, to lead into the 4th, 46-31. The Panthers started to rally in the 4th, but a 3 from Jacob Lubas and some great defense from Dylan Webb, Berhe and Wedge. Their steals turned into amazing acrobatic finishes from Landon Puga, Azevedo, Berhe and Wedge. The Cardinals won 60-43 and went to 9-11 on the season and 3-1 in League. The John Wooden strategy for Coach Lutje had helped the Cardinals take a massive win with another league game coming up on Thursday against Piner. The Cardinals established their presence down low with great layups and rebounds and also established themselves at the 3 point line, draining 6 threes en route to their great win. Semere Berhe had 21 points for the Cardinals, Jack Wedge had 17 points, Jacob Lubas had 9, Anthony Azevedo had 4, Maikali Fahey had 4, Kameron Guttorsmen and Landon Puga both had 3 and Dylan Webb had 3 steals. The Newman defense was alive with 7 total blocks for the team and forced over 15 turnovers.

Cardinal Newman JV Basketball faced a tough opponent in the Panthers and were needing a league win heading into the matchup. The Cardinals were lead by Head Coach Matt Vogenson and had had a tough schedule which got them ready for league. Newman lead early, but Santa Rosa kept the game close. Newman tired out Santa Rosa with rapid subbing and grinded to the end. The Cardinals lead late in the 4th but the Cardinals pulled away and won 35-29. The Cardinals captured a big league win and another great win to add to their resume.

Newman varsity faced the Panther varsity team who were 7-10 and 0-3 in League, but came into the game ready to face an undefeated Cardinal team. The Cardinals were coming off a tough game against Ukiah and seemed locked in the pregame warmups, draining almost every shot they took. Travis Taylor, the Head Coach of the Cardinals, had only coached 2 seasons and already had built a Top 20 team in the state of California. The Cardinals started slow, but clicked late in the first, going on a 16-0 run with Madhi Camara and Gavin Vogenson leading the scoring for the Cardinals. The Cardinals finished the first up 19-8 and came out in the 2nd, playing incredible defense. The Panthers hit a three early, but the Cardinals went on a 13-0 run behind 7 points from Sam Cline and 6 from Drew Krillich and lead 32-11 at the end of the first half. Drew Krillich and Sam Cline lead Cardinal scoring both with 9 points, Gavin Vogenson had 8 and Madhi Camara had 6. Santa Rosa came out ready to play and hit a three early in the 2nd Half, but Newman hit their stride again forcing a few turnovers and turning them into easy fastbreak points. Gavin Vogenson had 4 points and a steal in the 3rd Quarter, Madhi Camara had a nice and-1 on a fastbreak off his own steal and drained his free throw. Drew Krillich had 5 points, knocking down a clutch three to silence Santa Rosa and Vero Puoeu had 2 points and 4 rebounds in the 3rd. Newman lead 46-17 at the end of the third. Early in the 4th, Drew Krillich hit a nice 3 pointer and Newman brought in their backups. Jake Joeger came off the bench and had a ton of rebounds for the Cardinals. In the 4th, he had 6 points and 6 rebounds as he helped Newman cruise to a 55-26 win. Gavin Vogenson won Player of the Game with 12 points, 5 rebounds, 2 blocks and 2 steals. Drew Krillich had 17 points and 4 rebounds, Madhi Camara had 9 points and 8 rebounds and Sam Cline had 9 points and 5 rebounds. The Cardinals continue tonight at Piner at 7 PM.

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Jan 13, 2023

Great job, Hugo!

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