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Fun Facts about the 2019 World Series

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

This was the 115th World Series

1.8 billion dollars was the value of both teams

207.1 million dollars was the team salary of the Astros

208.9 Million dollars was the team salary if the Nationals.

1.93 Million dollars is the amount spent by the Astros per victory. Record: 107-55

2.25 Million dollars spent by the Nats per victory. Record: 93-69

Zack Greinke, pitcher was the highest paid player by the Astros with a 34.5 million dollar salary.

Stephen Strasburg, pitcher was the highest paid player by the Nationals with a 39 million dollar salary.

1st World Series presenting sponsor will be YouTube TV.

12.4 billion dollars is the amount paid by FOX, ESPN, and TBS for broadcasting rights of the World Series and other playoff and regular season games

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