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Healdsburg High School Sports Surviving Under AD Brian Osborn as Player Numbers Dwindle

Healdsburg High School sports have been trying to survive over the past decade with their football program shutting down and restarting. More kids have joined the football team and this year, it won its first game in 3 years. They are in the process of rebuilding their football program and have had a historic start this year, obtaining a 3-2 record. They have beaten Fort Bragg, Willits and most recently, Kennedy. Their loses come against Cloverdale and San Rafael. They open League play on October 15 at Piner.

Hounds baseball has been dominant in the past 2 seasons. Coach Mark Domenichelli took over in 2019 after the Hounds had an 0-24 season. Coach Domenichelli took them to a 3-2 season in his first year and in 2020-21, he took them to a 15-5 season. They finished 2nd in the Redwood Division, going 7-4. They had series wins against Clear Lake, Kelseyville, Ukiah, Credo, Cloverdale, Lower Lake, Sonoma Academy and Piner to start off the season. They were 7-0 before they faced Piner in league and swept them. Their losses came against Santa Rosa, Windsor, and Saint Vincent. Windsor and Saint Vincent only won one game against the Hounds while Santa Rosa won 3. Healdsburg is back for their 2021-22 Spring, ready to dominate.

Hounds basketball has been dominant under Head Coach Yasha Mokaram, going 14-2 in 2020-21 (7-1 in league, Finished 2nd in Oak Division). The Hounds won't have Coach Mokaram, but they do have Coach Kevin Leffew. Coach Leffew has been incredible as Assistant Coach for Healdsburg and is now taking over the program for a year. He's going to bring the same intensity and keep up their domination of the North Bay.

The Hounds soccer has been underwhelming over the past seasons. In the 2020-21 season, the Hounds Boys Soccer team went 0-7, scoring only 4 goals and allowing 28 goals. Their most embarrassing loss came against rival Windsor, when they lost 5-0. The Girls Team went 2-6 in the 2020-21 season, scoring 15 goals and allowing 38. They beat Elsie Allen and Piner, while their most embarrassing loss came against Rancho Cotate, when they lost 8-0. Osborn had this to say about the girls' team:

"The girls' soccer team has some good indivual athletes and it needs what it didn't have last year because of COVID was all the sports happened at the same time, and they didn't get the same numbers out there they normally would have and so if they can get enough athletes on the field, they'll be fine."

Osborn had this to say about the boys' team:

"The boys' soccer team is kind of like what I talked about with basketball. It sort of ebbs and flows. The one problem with boys' soccer is that a lot of kids play club, and then don't play at the high school so we really need to try to make sure we grab all those kids that play club and make sure they play high school as well so we can have them on the team. That would be really beneficial."

Brian Osborn has done well as the Healdsburg High Athletic Director. He's in a hard position and has rebuilt the program well. The Hounds look really good in a ton of sports, but with soccer, they're going to need to rebuild. I'm confident that Osborn can rebuild the soccer program and help the Hounds get back to a positive record.

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