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Super Bowl 54 Preview

Kansas City is favored by a point. I don't think Kansas City is ready for this 49ers defense. The Chiefs have no run game. Travis Kelce is a wide receiver type of tight end, and not a blocker. The Niner defense will shut down the run and completely kill the Chiefs. The Niners have the secondary to contain Mahomes's threats. These threats include: Watkins, Hill, and Kelce. On the other side of the ball, we have the Niner offense... and we have the chiefs D. The Chiefs D is not that great. Frank Clark and the D-line has beef with the 49ers DE Dee Ford. He jumped offside in the AFC Championship last year causing the Chiefs to lose. The Niners offense can run the ball down the Chiefs's throat. Garappolo has threats that can catch almost everything. I think the Niners will win. I think the super bowl MVP will be Raheem Mostert.

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