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A Review of the ESPN 30 for 30 Jordan Rides the Bus

It opens up with Jordan winning the NBA Finals, and the News Reports about Jordan’s dad getting shot and killed. They show his grave, and locals and Mike’s friends reacting and telling the story. He was driving home. This prompted Mike to follow what his dad wanted for him. He retired from basketball, and made the switch to baseball. They show his agent’s and coach’s reactions. They then show his retirement. This is a great start to the 30 for 30. They base around the fact that he went from private planes to Minor League buses.

They then cut to MJ’s workout with the White Sox. Nobody believed he was really doing it. They then cut to the announcement that the White Sox were signing him and asking him to cut to Spring Training. A lot of people thought that the White Sox were signing him as a publicity stunt. Michael Jordan played outfield. The hitting coach took Mike under his wing, training him because Mike said he was dead serious when he was asked. He sucked his first game. He struck out twice, and dropped a pop-up. They show some critics. They then show that MJ’s father’s death was linked to MJ’s gambling. He lost a lot of money and maybe didn’t pay. They cut to Steve Kerr and a critic talking about the fact that David Stern didn’t suspend Michael Jordan because there were speculations. They show that MJ was very close to his father. You can see it in the beginning of Space Jam. They show that MJ was going to the minors.

He was assigned to the Birmingham Barons. Thousands of people showed up for season tickets. A lot of people showed up for the games. It went from 3,300 to over 13,000. They then show the realtor that would be working with him. She talked about how he would have pick-up basketball games with the neighborhood kids at his house. His one priority was a basketball hoop. He played right field, and on his first game, he went 0 for 3. He wore the number 45. He wasn’t that good. They talked about how MJ wanted to get out of the spotlight. The games were always sold-out with fans, media, and scouts. It gave players their opportunity to get to the big leagues. He loved the bus ride because he could relax. They cut to the Barons bus company owner. He talks about his relations with Mike. They show that the Bulls were playing without Michael. They show him batting badly. They tried to fix his swing. They talk about how he was a pitcher when he played. They show how pitchers would throw at him. He was the Astros!!!

They show how he got better with a lot of bloopers. He hit hanging pitchers out of the park during BP. On July 30, 1994, MJ hit his first homer. He crushed balls out of the park. They show a bar owner talking about how MJ would come to his bar, and play 4 games of pool at a time, so people could say they played MJ. Michael played in the fall league for the Scottsdale Scorpions. He batted .295. He looked like a good player. The players went on strike in 1994. A lot of people think the strike killed Jordan. He was asked to be a replacement player, and he said no because he was basketball icon. He then decided to go back to basketball. Manager Terry Francona said that Mike would have probably been in the MLB the next season. Mike announced he would be returning to basketball with the statement “I’m Back”. He returned to the Bulls when he was getting to be a great baseball player. Mike’s stats read 51 RBIs, 30 stolen bases, and 7 game winning hits. He raised his batting average 50 points from .202 to .252 in the Arizona Fall League. His 45 jersey remains the best seller at the Barons’ team shop. Mike returned to basketball winning 3 consecutive titles with the Bulls.

The film was a great one. Possibly one of my personal favorites. Nobody ever notices that MJ played baseball. I know I used MJ too much, but it was because I had little to no time to write this. It was a great story. It shows the ups and downs of MJ’s playing life. Mike could have played for the White Sox if the players hadn’t gone on strike. I give the film 4.8 stars. It was 52 minutes long; a great running time for a 30 for 30. They show their point well. The point is to show that Michael didn’t always fly in private planes. He rode the Minor League bus through the slums of the Minor Leagues. They outline why Mike wanted to play baseball. Mike had great potential, but the timing was wrong. He controlled his own decisions like a player should. He was great. We love you Mike.

If you want me to write an article about MJ's baseball days, comment and favorite.

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