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An Inspiring Bunny

Alex the Therapy Rabbit has become a social media sensation after making an appearance on Thursday, April 22, at the Giants game at Oracle Park against the Miami Marlins. The Giants came into the game coming off a series win in Philly, but they weren’t ready for Alex. Alex was widely accepted by everyone at the game with broadcasters coming down to meet the giant bunny in between innings. Alex became an instant trend and was featured on news broadcasts across the country. From CNN to KTVU to a junior sports broadcaster and journalist in California.

I spoke with Alex’s owners, Kei Kato and Josh Row, Sunday as they were at the Warriors rally before their game at the Chase Center against the Kings. Alex is a licensed therapy animal worldwide which is why he was allowed in and his owners are getting him used to interaction which is why they took him to the Giants games and Warriors’s rally. When I asked them about what they thought about Alex’s widespread instant fame, one quote stood out to me. Kei said Everybody needs something different. With all the things that are going on in the news today, everybody sees the negativity so I think something different that made people laugh is why he blew up. This quote is true. We are constantly plagued with the thoughts and stress of what’s happening in our daily lives and with our country and we don’t know what to do. With COVID and other negative distractions, we all need something in our days to make them bright. Maybe it's a compliment from a teacher, parent, or friend, or maybe its a cute picture or video of an animal, or even a good grade. We all need to pay it forward. Compliment people and make their day just a bit brighter. Don’t stress or get discouraged if they say something mean or nothing back, just keep going. Some people need a compliment to show that you acknowledge them and some just need it or don’t seem to take it because they are going through something in their life that they're scared about. Even sending your friend or a person you know a gif of a cute bunny like Alex can brighten their day. Stay Safe! Thank you Alex!

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