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Bayern Prevails in the Champions League Final

Bayern Munich played Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League Final. The final was played in Lisbon, Portugal at Estádio da Luz. It was supposed to be held at Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Instanbul, Turkey, but was moved due to COVID-19. The game was held without fans and the teams wore Thank you in their countries language over their logos to support the healthcare workers. PSG wore Merci (thank you in French) and Bayern wore Danke (Thank you in German). Bayern beat Lyon, a team from France to get to the final while PSG beat RB Leipzig to move on to the final.

Bayern was favored heading into the final. They had a young and talented team with a great goalkeeper. They had won a lot of their games by a lot. PSG has had to pull off many miracles to get to the final. They had a lot of talent and a great defense, but had a slightly worse keeper.

The first half had no goals. Both teams had multiple chances and a lot of close shots. Bayern Munich had a chance when they had a questionable penalty call as the first half expired, but they never got the call. They got a goal when they scored in the 59th minute when Kingsley Coman struck gold. He headed the ball into the  lower right corner of the net. The defense worked for Munich and they prevailed 1-0 over PSG for their 6th Champions League Title.  

Koman's (29) goal

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