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E60 REVIEW: The Hero of Goodall Park

They start by telling the story of The Curse of the Bambino and how it was laid in Goodall. They talk about the multiple heroes of Goodall Park. They then go into the tragedy of the night of June 1, 2018, and how Douglas Parkhurst was killed. They talk about the way the car went, and then they talk about the owner and her arrest. They talk briefly about her BP1 (Bi-Polar 1) disorder. They then go into Parkhurst and his family. He was Vietnam Vet. He had a dark secret. He hadn't shared it with anyone not even his family. His act of heroism is what exposed him. He would disappear for long periods of time. He was an industrial painter. He grew up in Fulton, New York. One 4 year old girl named Carolee Ashby was hit by a car on Halloween night of 1968 while coming back from getting candles and ice cream for her sister's birthday. Her sister was with her. The case went cold and they never found the person. A girl shared a secret she had had for 40 years. The Parkhurst family had asked this lady to provide an allibi, but she refused. Doug and his older brother Lenny had been drinking that night. Doug was at the wheel of the car. Doug was driving on his way back from a party and hit a person. When questioned about his car being messed up by the police he said he had hit a pole. The mother of Doug aid that Doug was having nightmares about this accident where he hit a little girl. The tip was made in 2014. When questioned, Lenny said that he was drunk and in the backseat. He had heard the thump. When questioned about the car, Lenny said it was how they left it, but hidden. He knew where it was, and directed the police to the location. The viechle was in the woods behind Lenny's sister's house. They found the viechle, and it fit the profile. They talked with Doug at his house, and asked him. He denied it. He was scared when he saw the picture of Carolee. He wasn't making eye contact. He said he didn't want to go to jail. They knew he was the one. They couldn't arrest him because the case had expired. He remembers him driving and hitting something. He didn't know that he hit the girl. He signed a document, confessing, but he wasn't going to jail. He was looking to do something to make up for it. The story was all over the news. Doug's family were shocked. He moved from New York to Maine after confessing. Doug died trying to do something to make up for what he did in 1968. Karma came back and got him. he killed someone in a hit and run and was killed almost 50 years later in a hit and run. They talk about how his burden was passed on to other people. They talk about Carrol Sharrow, the driver of the car that killed Doug. She had had mental illness all her life. They called her struggle heroic. She has no memory of the crime. She was put in a mental center for the rest of her life because she was found not guilty because she had mental illness and was in deep psychosis. She is deeply sorry and she cries thinking of it every time. Carolee's sister said she had found closure after Doug was killed. Doug's grandson, Douglas Parkhurst III apologized to Carolee's sister for what Doug had did. He did something that Doug could never do: face the Ashbys. Carolee's sister is at peace now. I will try to travel to Goodall Park in the future. It was a great film. I rate it 4 1/2 stars.

Doug (left), Carol (right), Carol driving on the Field at Goodall

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