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Explaining Kyle Larson

Kyle Larson said a really offensive and racist word during an iRacing race Sunday. He said the n-word over the radio during the race. I was very shocked with what he said. He was dropped by his team and his sponsors. He was on the Chip Ganassi racing team. His only teammate was Kurt Busch. Kurt is in the 1 car. He issued an apology. Those words could have been his last in racing. He was a great driver. He could come back to Nascar eventually. He got fired from racing at the age of 27.

These are his Nascar Cup Series stats. He won 6 races in his career. He placed top 5 56 times. He placed top 10 101 times. He won the pole 8 times. He raced 60,982 laps and led 3,213 of them. He made $11,339,451 in his Nascar career. For more stats go to

Kyle Larson

Kyle Larson's car

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