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Following up on MLB cheating

Dodgers fans are suing the Dodgers for all the money they had paid in 2017. (The tickets, food, clothes, etc.) The LA City Council voted on asking the MLB for the LA Dodgers to take custody and get credit for the 2017 and 2018 World Series Championships. They don't realize that the dodgers are under suspicion of cheating. Asking would lead to an investigation of the Dodgers and the possible firing of Dave Roberts. Evidence of the dodgers cheating is the 2017 World Series: No team that is completely innocent could have a 7 game series versus a team that is cheating. It would have been Astros 4-0 and a 10-0 score every game had the dodgers not been cheating. The Dodgers and LA could have left it alone and let it play out. Now they've got themselves in hot water. The 2017 World Series should be awarded to the Chicago Cubs who were the only team in NLCS/ ALCS that aren't suspected of cheating. The 2018 World Series should be awarded to nobody. All the teams in the 2018 NLCS/ALCS were accused of cheating. I will have further coverage on the matter.

Key Signings:

SF- SP Drew Smyly

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