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Grading every team's moves on the deadline

Yankees: C

They moved cash for a left fielder who looks like he won't play in the MLB, but they also got Edwin Encarnacion.

Boston: B+

They got rid of 2 prospects they didn't need and got Andrew Cashner for them.

Tampa Bay: C+

Tampa got rid of a 3 good pitchers, Christian Arroyo, and but got Jesus Aguliar, a good pitcher, a good prospect, and Eric Sogard.

Toronto: C

They got rid of 2 amazing players for great prospects. They did a prospect switch and sent Daniel Hudson and a prospect to Washington for Kyle Johnston. They also sent 2 great pitchers and a prospect for Derek Fisher.

Baltimore: D

Baltimore got 2 prospects who could play in the MLB, but it doesn't look good and they got rid of their ace.

Kansas City: C-

They got rid of a prospect, a great catcher, and 2 amazing pitchers. They got prospects, cash and a great reliever.

Cleveland: B

They needed outfielder help and they got 2 incredible players in Franmil Reyes and Puig. They also got rid of Trevor Bauer. They got 2 good prospects and sent a good outfielder to get them.

Detroit: D-

They sent Shane Greene to a team that sent them almost nothing. They also got rid of a great offensive player for relief help.

Minnesota: D+

They got a tired reliever and gave away young prospects for him.

Chicago: C-

They sent a great reliever to Texas for prospects. Good move.

Houston: A

They added to a World Series winning pitching lineup. They also got 2 awesome relief pitchers and a prospect, all for prospects! They also got a catcher who used to play there and knows the system. They are the future World Series champs.

Athletics: A-

They scored 3 amazing pitchers to help them in October. 2 great adds to their rotation and an add to their bullpen.

Texas: B

They got rid of a good reliever for a prospect. Then got rid of relievers for Nate Jones; a big reliever and cash.

Los Angeles: F

The Angels didn't make any moves.

Seattle: D+

They got rid of 3 great players. They got rid of a starter, a reliever, and a key all star 1st baseman and DH. They got rid of Jay Bruce who is incredible. They got back relievers and prospects. They're building around Vogelbach.

New York: B

The Mets made a lot of moves that will do a lot for this pennant race.

Atlanta: C-

They needed relief and they got a little bit in Mark Melancon. They did get Shane Greene, but Mark Melancon is not that young.

Washington: B

They got rid of pitchers they didn't need and got good relievers for them.

Miami: D

They did a prospect switch with Arizona.

Philadelphia: A

The Phillies scored Jay Bruce, Cory Dickerson, and Vargas. They are amazing.

St. Louis: A

No comment

Chicago: C

They got Nick Castellanos and prospects, but gave away prospects.

Milwaukee: C+

They got rid of a prospect and Jesus Aguliar for a bunch of relief help. Not great moves.

Cincinnati: B-

They got a prospect, Trever Bauer, and cash. They did get rid of Scooter Gennett, Tanner Roark, and Yasiel Puig.

Pittsburgh: D

They got rid of Cory Dickerson and Jordan Lyles for cash and Cody Ponce.

Los Angeles: D

The Dodgers scored Adam Kolarek

Arizona: F

They got Mike Leake and a bunch of prospects. They did a prospect switch with Miami. They got rid of an awesome pitcher. Bad trades.

San Diego: C-

The Padres got rid of Franmil Reyes for a prospect. They scored relief help in Carl Edwards Jr.

Colorado: B+

They didn't make any trades. They didn't have to.

San Francisco: B

The Giants gave up a lot of relief help for prospects and Scooter Gennett. What's going to happen to Joe Panik?

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Farhan Zaidi

The Angles and Rockies didn't make any moves.

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