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MLB Top Free Agents

Bryce Harper: The San Francisco Giants and the Philadelphia Phillies are the two teams singled down on Bryce Harper. The Giants can afford him and Farhan Zaidi, the general manager of the Giants wants him. The Giants had about 239,000,000 dollars to spend this offseason. The Giants signed veteran outfielder Cameron Maybin as a non-roster invitee. He could be on the Giants this year, but he won’t be for long as his contract is for Spring Training only. They will probably get Harper.

Manny Machado: The Yankees were on his list, but he’s not going there. He has met with the Padres and the Padres can afford him. They need a 3rd baseman and I think they have Machado. Machado would be great for the Padres as the Padres have great prospects.

Craig Kimbrel: If Machado lands in San Diego, he probably will land in San Diego. Kimbrel has been with San Diego before, and San Diego needs a closer. The Padres would be great with Kimbrel and Machado.

Dallas Keuchel: He would fit well on many teams. The Marlins, Braves, Blue Jays, Giants, and Orioles can afford and need the 2015 Cy Young winner. The Marlins need a good player and Derek Jeter needs money. The Marlins should succeed in getting money by getting an ace pitcher like Keuchel. The Orioles need a good starting pitcher because they went 47-115 and had one of the worst season in all of baseball history. The worst was a team that went 20-134 back in the 1800s. The Blue Jays need another good starting pitcher and if they land Keuchel, they will be better and set to put up a fight for the AL East title. The Giants need a starting pitcher this year, because Johnny Cueto is getting Tommy John surgery and will be out for the rest of the year. The Braves need a good starting pitcher and Keuchel would fit the job. He has been in the World Series and the Braves are in a race for the title.

Marwin Gonzalez: He is a great outfielder and is a veteran. He could get signed by the Mariners who lost Maybin this offseason. He could be signed by the Giants who need an outfielder. He could get signed by the Angels who could use him as a DH and as a second team outfielder. He could be signed by anybody.

MLB Free Agency is going to be crazy.

Bryce Harper

Manny Machado could sign with the Phillies or the White Sox, but I don't think he wants to go that way.

Dallas Keuchel

Marwin Gonzalez

Craig Kimbrel

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