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NCAA and NIT Tournaments look

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

The following was wrote on March 10, 2019.

My Final Four teams in my bracket are Michigan State, Gonzaga, North Carolina, and Tennessee. I have Tennessee and Michigan State moving on and Michigan State winning. Now here’s why: Duke stumbled this season and Michigan State has a lot of power and can stun Duke. Gonzaga gets tired. I think MSU should be able to beat Gonzaga. Tennessee was a number 1 seed in the regular season. They should be able to beat UNC. Michigan State is a more powerful team than the Volunteers. Michigan State will rein as NCAA Tournament Champions.

In the NIT my final four teams are University of North Carolina Greensboro, TCU, Clemson, and Xavier. I think TCU and Clemson will play for the championship because they are both from good conferences. I think Clemson will interrupt TCU’s chance for a repeat and beat them. Clemson has a better team and has beaten more top 25 teams than TCU.

Here is my NCAA Bracket

Here's my NIT bracket

Michigan State should capture the final four trophy in my bracket.

Tennessee Volunteers should play Michigan State in the Championship inmy bracket

Final Four trophy and Ball
The Final Four will be held in Minneapolis this year

Clemson should win the NIT according to my bracket

TCU should play in the NIT Championship according to my bracket

The NIT Trophy is hoisted at the Madison Square Garden every year

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