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Spring Training Predictions

Spring Training will start Saturday, and the league looks great. The teams have arrived and are ready for a new year. Some teams to watch this year in the regular season are the Padres, Cubs, Dodgers, Mets, A's, Cardinals, Rays, White Sox, and Phillies. Teams to look at this Spring are the Mariners and Giants. Both teams have great young talented. The Cactus League and Grapefruit League both are filled with amazing talent. This spring training is hard to predict.

The Cactus League:

Dodgers: 22-7

Padres: 20-9

Reds: 19-9

A's: 18-11

Mariners: 18-11

Giants: 17-12

White Sox: 17-12

Cubs: 15-14

Angels: 15-14

Rockies: 14-15

Brewers: 12-17

Diamondbacks: 11-18

Royals: 10-19

Cleveland: 9-20

Rangers: 8-21

Top Player: Marco Luciano

The Grapefruit League:

Yankees: 21-8

Twins: 19-10

Braves: 18-11

Mets: 18-11

Astros: 17-12

Rays: 17-12

Marlins: 16-13

Cardinals: 16-13

Orioles: 15-14

Blue Jays: 14-15

Tigers: 14-15

Red Sox: 13-16

Nationals: 13-16

Phillies: 11-18

Pirates: 9-20

Top Player: Willy Adames

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