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The Truth about Roy Halladay's death: Follow up on Bryce Harper's Number Dilemma

I wrote an article a year ago about Bryce Harper not wanting to take 34, because of the late and great pitcher Roy Halladay. It was Roy's number when he was on the Phillies. Bryce signed a deal with the Phillies last year. His number on the Nationals was 34. He changed it to 3 when he signed with the Phillies. Halladay died on November 7, 1977 at the age of 40. He died in a plane crash. He was piloting, and there was no one with him. His death shocked the world. He played for the Blue Jays and the Phillies. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018.

The Feds have just released some new, shocking, and terrible information. Halladay was doing drugs, and doing stunts with his plane. He was doing very risky and unsafe stunts. His plane was a sport plane. He had bought the plane a month before the crash. The plane was an Icon A5. He was doing injective drugs. He was taking drugs like morphine. He was also taking a lot of prescription drugs. He had a dangerous combination of amphetamine. He had 10 times the regular amount of amphetamines in his system. He had a muscle relaxant, and he also had sleeping pills. He had many antidepressants with him. This brings me to think that he was depressed and even suicidal. He loved doing stunts with his plane, the Icon A5. A few days before, he flew his plane low under the Skyway Bridge. He tweeted "Flying the Icon A5 low over the water is like flying a fighter jet!" just before dying. Halladay was insane! He crashed nose first into the ocean. He crashed off the coast of Florida. The FBI released a 13 page report on his death. According to the report, he would have died of Blunt Force Trauma and drowning.

For more Information Go to: Thank you New York Times.

Note: Apparently the Icon A5 has had a series of crashes. A lot of Fatal Crashes aka deadly crashes.

Icon A5 sport plane

The A5 has a beautiful cockpit

Reach out to me if you are a pilot or have piloted the Icon A5.

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