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Update on the Instagram thing

We put in an inquiry. I may get it back.

What we think is the problem:

  1. I recently changed my password so I wouldn't get hacked; Instagram thought I was hacked because I changed the password. Tip: Change your code every 6 months to a year

  2. I posted a picture of Bubba Wallace earlier this year to break the news of the noose not being a noose. I also posted a picture of Cory LaJoie's SPONSORED (NASCAR drivers can't control their sponsors) Trump 2020 car. I gave the sites photo credit. I was copystriked. I will take them down if I get my account back.

I may be getting it back because I am a business account.

Worst comes to worst: I will launch a new account and repost all my photos. I will announce more on this later. Note: hugosports360 will not be the name of the account if I have to get a new account. Instagram will take the name hugosports360. More updates will come.

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