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BYU started the game strong, but USF was always on BYU's tails. Childs and Haws started to heat up and were scoring. Jimbo Lull and Khalil Shabazz heated up along with Bouyea for USF. There were a lot of turnovers for USF. There was not a lot of defense. There was a lot of fouls. BYU got bonus with 1:36 to go. It was 45-38 at half; BYU leading.

2nd Half:

BYU started with a 9-2 run. USF caught a flare and then caught fire. Shabazz caught fire and just went off. Haws got a technical foul. USF took the lead with a 16 point run. Shabazz got to 20 points first. Bouyea got to it second. USF's run advanced to 34-14. Shabazz got to 30 points. Bouyea got to 30 second. BYU caught up to USF. But USF pulled out the win. USF over BYU. The final score: 83-82.

Player of the Game: Khalil Shabazz, USF

Khalil Shabazz (0) had 32 points. He was 10-10 from the field and was 6-6 from 3s

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