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Brady drops 3 TDs, leads Bucs to second Super Bowl

The Super Bowl was crazy. The Buccaneers knew the Chiefs all over. They brought their awesome line and linebackers to pressure Mahomes almost the whole game. The Chiefs didn't crumble under pressure though. Mahomes still found a reciever and threw a direct dart to that receiver yet the reciever couldn't catch it. Mahomes showed the fact that he is a prodigy in this game. You may not think so, but he showed it by constantly evading the pressure and sacks by running, throwing, and even dunking under guys to just throw a pass. Mahomes showed his skill. Under immense pressure Mahomes threw deep balls accurately to all his recievers. This shows that when Brady takes the sack, Mahomes still survives.

The Chiefs won the toss with the call "heads," and elected to defer. The teams traded possessions until the Chiefs scored on a 49 yard field goal from Harrison Butker. The Buccaneers got the ball back and drove down the field on an 8 play, 75 yard drive that ended in an 8 yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski to take the lead 7-3. The teams traded possessions again, but a Chiefs punt went crazy and it flew out of bounds on the Chiefs 38. The Buccaneers compiled a 6 play drive that ended on a 17 yard touchdown pass from Brady to Gronk to make it 14-3. The Chiefs replied with a 10 play, 61 yard drive that ended with a 34 yard field goal from Harrison Butker, shortening the lead to 8 points. The Bucs ran an amazing 1 mintue drill on 5 play, 71 yard drive that ended in a 1 yard pass from Tom Brady to Antonio Brown that blew people's minds to make the score 21-6. The Chiefs ended the half with a kneel from Mahomes. At halftime, the score was 21-6.

The Chiefs got the ball starting the second half, and put together a great drive of 7 plays, 47 yards before they were stopped and Butker came on, nailing a 52 yard field goal. The Buccaneers responded with a 6 play, 74 yard drive that ended with a Leonard Fournette 27 yard touchdown run to make it 28-9. On the next drive, Antoine Winfield Jr. picked of Mahomes on a 3rd and 13. The Bucs turned this in to a 52 yard field goal from Ryan Succop. The next 2 drives for both teams were punts for the Buccaneers and turnovers on downs for the Chiefs. The Chiefs put together a 9 play, 48 yard drive that ended on the Tampa 10 when Mahomes was picked off by Devin White for a touchback. Brady then kneeled the game out and Tampa celebrated. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are Super Bowl Champs! They beat the Chiefs 31-9. Tom Brady celebrated his 7th Super Bowl and his 5th Super Bowl MVP.

The referees did not lay off the penalties in this game. The penalties totalled to a combined 15 for 159 yards. The Buccaneers had 4 penalties for 39 yards while the Chiefs had a whopping 11 penalties for 120 yards. The fans went nuts at these penalties. The refs did seem a little trigger happy. Even the broadcasters advised the refs to let the players play. Most of the unsportsmanlike conduct penalities were for players talking smack to eachother. The Bucs had more possession time than the Chiefs with 31:23. Mahomes had more passing yards than Brady with 270 compared to Brady's 201. Mahomes was 26-49 with 270 yards, no touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. Brady was 21-29 with 201 yards and 3 touchdowns. In rushing, Clyde Edwards-Helare had 9 carries for 64 yards with no touchdowns for Kansas City. For Tampa Bay, Leonard Fournette had 16 carries for 89 yards with 1 touchdown. In recieving, it was all tight ends. Travis Kelce led the recieving line for the Chiefs with 10 receptions for 133 yards with no touchdowns. Gronk led the recieving line for Tampa with 6 receptions, 67 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Kansas City led in total yards with 350 yards while Tampa had 340 yards. Tampa had 26 first downs while Kansas City had 22. This was the first time since 2017 that the Chiefs have not had a touchdown in a game. On November 19, 2017, the Chiefs lost 12-9 in OT to the New York Giants.

All in all, both teams are great. The Chiefs will be back in the Super Bowl in the next 2-3 years (2023). We will see Mahomes in many more. The Buccaneers out coached the Chiefs. The game was good, and I can't wait to see these teams next year. Stay Safe!

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