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Conference Championship Predictions with 1 game left

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Here are my predictions. The next one will be the predictions for the actual games.

Some these games are locked in.

American Athletic Conference: #8 Cincinnati v. #24 Tulsa

Locked In: ACC: #2 Notre Dame v. #3 Clemson

Locked In: BIG 12: #7 Iowa State v. #11 Oklahoma

Locked In: BIG 10: #4 Ohio State v. #14 Northwestern

Conference USA: Marshall v. UTSA

Mid-American Conference: Buffalo v. Western Michigan

Mountain West: Boise State v. Nevada

Pac 12: Oregon v. #15 USC

Locked In: SEC: #1 Alabama v. #6 Florida

Locked In: Sun Belt Conference: #13 Costal Carolina v. #19 Louisiana

Conference Championship Game Predictions:

#8 Cincinnati v. #24 Tulsa

Winner: Cincinnati

#2 Notre Dame v #3 Clemson

Winner: Clemson

#7 Iowa State v. #11 Oklahoma

Winner: Iowa State

#4 Ohio State v. #14 Northwestern

Winner: Ohio State

Marshall v. UTSA Winner: Marshall

Buffalo v. Western Michigan

Winner: Buffalo

Boise State v. Nevada

Winner: Nevada

Oregon v. #15 USC

Winner: USC

#1 Alabama v. #6 Florida

Winner: Florida

#13 Costal Carolina v. #19 Louisiana

Winner: Costal Carolina

Where The Winners should go: AAC: Cincinnati

Bowl: Peach Bowl

ACC: Clemson

Bowl: Sugar Bowl (CFP)

BIG 12: Iowa State

Bowl: Sugar Bowl (CFP)

BIG 10: Ohio State

Bowl: Rose Bowl (CFP)

C-USA: Marshall

Bowl: New Mexico Bowl

MAC: Buffalo

Bowl: Camelia Bowl

MW: Nevada

Bowl: LA Bowl


Bowl: Cotton Bowl

SEC: Florida

Bowl: Rose Bowl (CFP)

SBC: Costal Carolina

Bowl: Fiesta Bowl

Locked In: ACC Championship

Locked In: BIG 10 Championship

Locked In: BIG 12 Championship

Locked In: SEC Championship

Locked In: Sun Belt Championship

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