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Here are some possible new Colts QBs

I understand everybody and their mother has done an article on this. Go see my friend Luke Brown's take on this, head to his website: I wanted to jump and get my take in. I will give possible guys with a prediction.

Deshaun Watson

Probability: 5%

Watson would be good, but with the Colts not having a good draft pick or a decent QB to trade. They would have to send a lot of good players to the Texans. A Possible trade would be Deshaun for DeForest Buckner, Jacoby Brissett, 2021 1st, 3rd, and 6th Round picks, and TJ Carrie or Khari Willis. If the trade goes through the Texans will not likely look for another QB. Their defense will be better and they could use the picks to get other defensive helps. The Texans can start Brissett. I think the Texans would benefit from this trade. I think they will go 9-7 with this trade. Tennessee will win the division getting a record of... again 11-5. I think think the Colts would end with an 8-8 record because their defense will be greatly effected by this trade. The trade is not a good one. Note: Deshaun shouldn't be able to wear #4 because of Adam Vinateri (his number will be retired).

Joe Flacco

Probability: 73% of signing

Flacco is a free agent this offseason, and could be a good signing for them. He is like Rivers and would be a good fit. He is a pocket passer like Rivers and has good accuracy. Flacco could take them to the playoffs. I think the Colts would go 10-6 under Flacco and make the playoffs as a 6 or 7 seed. Flacco is a franchise QB. He could be very good with the Colts. He would be estatic to join the Colts. Possible Contract: 2 years, $9 million. What are your thoughts?

Carson Wentz

Probability: 30%

Wentz is in an option year and I think the Eagles are going keep him. The Eagles hired the former Colts OC, who coached Philip Rivers and Andrew Luck. Both are like Wentz, and the Colts OC is looking to keep Wentz to develop him. Wentz would fit in with the Colts offense, but I don't think they would make the playoffs in the first year having Wentz. I honestly think that Wentz isn't coming to the Colts. I predict that the Eagles will keep him.

Jalen Hurts

Probability: 27%

Hurts is another Eagles QB that people think the Colts will trade for. I don't think that the Eagles will trade him. I predict that the Eagles will be like the Bears and run a 2 QB system in the 2021-22 season to see who should get the starting job. Hurts will probably stay on the Eagles, and compete for the starting job in Philly rather than be in Indy. If traded, I think Hurts will take the starting job and lead the Colts to an 8-7-1 season, barely missing the playoffs.

Jacoby Brissett

Probability: 89%

Brissett was the starter in 2018 for the Colts and played decently. The Colts are pretty good and could make the playoffs under Brissett. Brissett could be a good selection and would save them some cap.

Matt Stafford

Probability: 51%

Stafford would be a good man to trade for and he would be good with the Colts. He would have a good backing from his running backs and the defense. I see the Colts going 12-4 and winning the division under Stafford. Like Flacco, Stafford is like Rivers, but has more accuracy. Stafford would really do well and make the Colts a contender.

Taylor Heinicke

Probability: 17%

Heinicke showed he could be good at the Wild Card. He could be good for the Colts. The Colts could run a 2 QB rotation by picking Heinicke up. I think the Colts will go 7-9 with this duo. Heinicke could develop with the Colts.

Taysom Hill

Probability: 2%

Taysom could be a man they could bring in to help the offense. I think they could go 10-6 and make the playoffs, but the Saints won't give him up. It would take a lot to bring him in.

Put your thoughts in the replies.

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