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Mahomes drops 3 TD, advances to second consecutive Super Bowl appearance

The Kansas City Chiefs faced the Buffalo Bills at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. The Chiefs deferred and the Bills first drive ended with a 51 yard field goal from Tyler Bass. The Bills got the ball back after a punt, and then punted. The punt got muffed and the Bills recovered it on the Chiefs 3. Dawson Knox caught a 3 yard TD pass from Josh Allen, but the kick doinked off the right upright, missing. Kansas City responded early in the 2nd quarter with a 3 yard TD pass from Patrick Mahomes to Mecole Hardman. The Chiefs got the ball back and scored on a 6 yard rushing TD from Darrel Williams. The Chiefs then got it back on a 3 and out, and scored on a 1 yard rushing touchdown from Clyde Edwards-Helaire to make it 21-9. The Bills built a great drive, but it ended in a field goal from 20 yards from Tyler Bass. The Chiefs kneeled it out to head to halftime with the score of 21-12. The Bills field goal before the half was the one play that kind of ruined their drive and the game. Had they scored a touchdown, the game would of been 21-16 which would of set them up to tie.

The Chiefs had a long drive, but it ended in a 45 yard field goal from Harrison Butker. The Bills responded with a 27 yard field goal from Tyler Bass to make it 24-15. The Chiefs put on an amazing drive which ended with a 1 yard TD pass from Patrick Mahomes to Travis Kelce. The Bills with a nice drive, but it sadly ended in an interception. The Chiefs turned it into a TD with a 5 yard touchdown pass from Mahomes to Kelce. The Bills responded with a 6 yard touchdown pass from Josh Allen to Isaiah McKenzie, but the 2 point conversion failed. The Bills recovered the onside kick and turned it into a 51 yard field goal from Bass. The Chiefs got it back and ran out the clock to win 38-24, and to head to their second consecutive Super Bowl.

Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes could become the new Brady v. Manning (ironically they're in Brady and Manning's former divisions). The Bills will eventually be in the Super Bowl (once or twice in the next 5 years). The Bills are outstanding at home, but so are the Chiefs. The Bills need to build up their defense. Rest easy Bills fans, the Bills have become a force to be reckoned with. Josh Allen should eventually win MVP. The Chiefs and Bills could become the 2014-2018 Caviliers and Warriors, but for the AFC Championship. Stay Safe.


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