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NBA Saturday Night Review

Skills Challenge:

1st Round:

Bam Adebayo v. Spencer Dinwiddie; Bam Adebayo won

Pascal Siakam v. Patrick Beverly; Pascal Siakam won

Khris Middleton v. Shai Gilgeous- Alexander; Khris Middleton won

Domantas Sabonis v. Jayson Tatum; Domantas Sabonis won

2nd Round:

Bam Adebayo v. Pascal Siakam; Bam Adebayo won

Khris Middleton v. Domantas Sabonis; Domantas Sabonis won

Final Round:

Bam Adebayo v. Domantas Sabonis; Bam Adebayo won

Bam Adebayo is the champion

Adebayo won it for D-Wade and his mom.

3-point challenge:

1st Round:

x-Devin Booker: 27 points

x-Buddy Hield: 27 points

x-Davis Betrans: 26 points

Zach LaVine: 23 points

Trae Young: 15 points

Duncan Robinson: 19 points

Devonte Graham: 18 points

Joe Harris: 22 points

x- advanced

final Round:

Davis Beltrans- 22 points

Devin Booker- 26 points

Buddy Hield- 27 points

Buddy Hield of the Sacramento Kings is the champion!

Slam Dunk Contest:

1st Round:

Derrick Jones Jr.- 46 points

Pat Connaughton- 45 points

Aaron Gordon- 50 points

Dwight Howard- 41 points



Dwayne Wade

Candace Parker

Chadwick Boseman

Scottie Pippen

Round 2:

Derrick Jones Jr.- 50 points

Pat Connaughton- 50 points

Aaron Gordon- 50 points

Dwight Howard- 49 points

too many 50s


Derrick Jones Jr.- 50 points

Aaron Gordon- 50 points


Aaron Gordon- 50 points

Derrick Jones Jr.- 50 points

Overtime 2:

Derrick Jones Jr- 50 points

Aaron Gordon- 50 points

Overtime 3:

Derrick Jones Jr.- 48 points

Aaron Gordan- 47 points

Aaron Gordon unrightfully lost. Derrick Jones Jr. of the Miami Heat is the champion.

The Heat won 2 out of 3 challenges tonight.

Gordon jumped over Tacko Fall who is 7"5

Tacko Fall

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