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Updated: Jan 20, 2021

As you all know tomorrow is Super Bowl 53. Here is my preview.

Quarterback Comparison

NE- Tom Brady- more experience, 9 Super Bowl appearances, 5x Super Bowl Champion, 4x Super Bowl MVP, 34-13 in playoffs, 18th NFL Year, 41 years old.

LA- Jared Goff- 1st Super Bowl appearance, Young, 2-1 in Playoffs, lost to Atlanta last year, 3rd NFL Year, 24 years old.

Tom Brady wins do to experience. Experience has much more meaning than winning. Tom Brady has played in 267 NFL games and Goff has played in 41 NFL games. Brady is 207-60 while Goff is 27-14. Brady has gone 16-0, had a 50 TD season and knows more than any quarterback in the league.

I expect to see the Rams pressure Tom Brady like they did to Patrick Mahomes, but I expect Brady to be able to maneuver out of the blitz and find a receiver. The Patriots should run the ball and try to get the Rams to try to blitz, and then have Brady throw the ball every time the Rams blitz.

I expect the Rams run the ball with C.J. Anderson in the 1st quarter, and then turn to Todd Gurley II after the first quarter. I expect the Rams to come out of the gates throwing the ball. Gurley is fighting an injury, but Rams coach Sean McVay says he is feeling 100%. I expect the Patriots defense to try to limit the run by attacking Gurley.

My prediction is Patriots win 31-28 and have the ball last.

Thank you,

Hugo Traverso

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