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Things to do during quarantine

1. Stream tv or movies

2. Stream 30 for 30s

3. Play sports and exercise

4. write letters to people

5. Watch Last Dance (It's great)

6. Watch old games and Olympics

7. Check out weird sports (I'm not stopping you)

8. Listen to the radio

9. watch Hugo Sports 360 and other channels on YouTube

11. Play video games

12. do and don't watch the news

13. learn an instrument

14. listen to music

15. learn new things and subjects

16. do whatever you want

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1 Comment

May 06, 2020

Hi Hugo! Your website is looking great and it is very cool that you got a letter from Alex T ... but my favorite part has got to be your list of things to do during Quarantine, which included - LEARN TO PLAY AN INSTRUMENT and LISTEN TO MUSIC and it was super nice of you to include my website as a place for people to visit! Thanks again! Plus, I hope you practice a lot of guitar yourself, and you continue to improve!

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