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What are key needs for teams in the NFL Draft

1. Cincinnati Bengals- QB, DL, OL

2. Washington Redskins- OT, RB, WR, TE, DL, DE, CB

3. Detroit Lions- OL, DL, CB

4. New York Giants- WR, CB, OL, S

5. Miami Dolphins- TE, WR, QB, OL, DL

6. LA Chargers- QB, RB, OL, CB

7. Carolina Panthers- OL, DL, TE, CB

8. Arizona Cardinals- OL, DL, CB

9. Jacksonville Jags- QB, RB, OL, TE, DL

10. Cleveland Browns- OL, DL, CB

11. NY Jets- OL, DL, CB, S, RB, WR

12. Las Vegas Raiders- OL, DL, WR, CB

*13. Indianapolis Colts- RB, WR, DL

14. TB Buccaneers- DL, CB, OL, TE

15. Denver Broncos- RB, WR, OL, DL, CB, S

16. Atlanta Falcons- QB, WR, OL, DL, CB, S

17. Dallas Cowboys- WR, OL, CB, S

*18. Pittsburgh Steelers- OL, DL

*19. Chicago Bears- OL, CB, RB, WR

*20. LA Rams- WR, TE

21. Philadelphia Eagles- RB, WR, OT, DT, CB

22. Buffalo Bills- WR, OL, DL, CB

23. New England Patriots- WR, QB, OL, DL

24. New Orleans Saints- OL, TE, WR, CB

25. Minnesota Vikings- WR, OT, DT

*26. Houston Texans- WR, OT, TE

27. Seattle Seahawks- OL, DL, CB

28. Baltimore Ravens- CB, DL

29. Tennessee Titans- TE, WR, OT, DT

30. Green Bay Packers- TE, WR, OT, CB

31. San Francisco 49ers- WR, OL, CB

32. KC Chiefs- RB, OL, DL

*These teams sold their pick to another team. Pick 13 was sent to the 49ers by the Colts for DeForest Buckner. Pick 18 was sent to Miami by the Steelers for Minkah Fitzpatrick. Pick 19 was sent to Vegas from Chicago in the Kahlil Mack trade of 2018. Pick 20 was sent to Jacksonville from the LA Rams for Jalen Ramsey. Pick 26 was sent to Miami from Houston for Kenny Stills.

Trade Ratings:

Pick 13: Colts: A+ 49ers: B

DeForest Buckner will fit in with the Colts d. He will lead it well. The Niners will Geta good pick to use.

Pick 18: Miami: D- Steelers: A-

Minkah had a terrific season. Miami got a pick they needed

Pick 19: Bears: B- Raiders: B+

The Bears got their man. The Raiders have rebuilt well.

Pick 20: LA: C Jags: C+

The Rams got a dude that will help their secondary. The Jags will get the pick.

Pick 26: Houston: D Miami: B

Houston got a overrated Stills while Miami got another pick.

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