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Where will Brady and Rivers play next year? ODDS

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Rivers said his move to Florida was permanent so I think he's going to play for Tampa. Brady will probably leave the pats if they don't give him threats. Here is my odds of teams they'll join.


Best team Odds:

Tampa Bay: -150

Other teams:

Indianapolis: +100

Miami: +550

Las Vegas: +1000

New England: +2000

Tennessee: +2500

Dallas: +3400

Carolina: +3600


Best team odds:

New England: 0

Other Teams:

Las Vegas: +50

Chargers: +170

Indianapolis: +700

Tennessee: +1200

Miami: +1800

Tampa: +2100

Carolina: +3000

New York Jets: +3500

Cincinnati: +3800

San Francisco: +4500

Go to: for more odds

To keep Brady, The Pats should bring in A. J. Green or Odell Beckham Jr. off of waivers or trades.

Matt Mayock said that they like Derek Carr, but if there is room for an upgrade they will look into it.


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