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A review of the WBA Super Welterweight Championship of the World: Lara v Vendetti

Erislandy "The American Dream" Lara fought Greg Vendetti last night. It was PBC Boxing on Fox. Lara held the title, and if he won, he would have a chance for a title fight for the WBC Super Welterweight Championship. Lara was 26-3-3 with 15 KOs heading into the match while Vendetti was 22-3-1 with 12 KOs. Lara is 5'9", 154 pounds, and has a Southpaw stance. Vendetti is 5'6", 152 pounds, and has an Orthodox stance.

Lara started attacking in the first minute of the fight, and Vendetti held up a block and got some good hits in. There was a lot of contact in the first round, but no knockdowns. The 2nd round started with a lot of holdings. Lara attacked a lot and then started blocking. His strategy was to wait until Vendetti was open and Lara threw some good hooks and jabs at Vendetti, and Vendetti repelled with a few body shots. In the 3rd round, Vendetti came out attacking. Lara landed a few good shots to the head. Vendetti kept coming at Lara, but Lara repelled and stayed a distance from Vendetti. Vendetti kept coming at the start of round 4, but Lara landed a nice punch to the side of Vendetti's head. Lara started landing punches left and right, and Vendetti started to backoff. With 20 seconds left in the round, Vendetti started attacking, and Lara took advantage of this and landed a perfect combination as the round closed. In Round 5, Lara took his time. Vendetti kept on attacking, and Lara repelled with great patience and discipline. He landed some good punches in the round and kept on going until the round ended. Punches were landed here and there by both fighters in round 6 with Vendetti throwing down some good combinations. Lara landed some good punches along with some jabs to Vendetti's head. Vendetti attacked and landed some powerful shots as the round ended. Lara repelled Vendetti's swift attacks in the 7th round with some incredible combinations to Vendetti's head. Vendetti threw a lot of good combinations to Lara's body and some shots to Lara's head. Lara threw some great uppercuts as the round ended. Lara landed 93 punches into the 8th while Vendetti landed 58. The fighters got close and exchanged punches until Vendetti backed off. Lara got close again, but backed off after the 2 fighters went into a hold. Lara landed some good jabs and combos as the round finished. The fighters exchanged combos with Lara landing great punches on Vendetti's head while Vendetti attacked Lara with some powerful body shots. Round 9 closed as Vandetti kept attacking Lara. Vendetti landed a lot of good body shots while Lara repelled with a few good punches. Vendetti kept on attacking, and trying to make Lara tired through 10. Lara seemed tired entering 11. He wasn't moving as much, and Vendetti kept on attacking. Lara landed a few good headshots. Vendetti kept off of Lara, but still tried to attack Lara. Lara landed a great punch to finish 11. They now entered the final round. Vendetti just kept on attacking Lara. Lara tried to stay away from Vendetti to try to wrap things up. Lara seemed like he would win. Vendetti kept on attacking, but Lara kept on distancing. The fight ended as Lara backed off of Vendetti. Lara ended the fight as the favorite. Lara landed 161 punches while Vendetti landed 88.

By unanimous discision, Lara had won. He kept his belt, and now has a chance to get a title fight bid to try to win the WBC Super Welterweight Championship. Lara advanced to 27-3-3 while Vendetti fell to 22-4-1.

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